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  • 50% of invoice amount
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Your road to easy-access factoring against low interest rates.

Are you stuck with long terms of payment which are especially worrisome now during the COVID-19 crisis? Then lending engine is the perfect tool to overcome cash-flow problems! By applying cutting-edge technology and integrating with bookkeeping software providers lending engine offers a frictionless financial product that comes at an unprecedented low cost. This allows even the smallest companies to make use of factoring!

*Only a limited number of companies will be admitted to the pilot, please register as soon as possible. integration

We have integrated with in order for you to factor through your already existing account.

Low interest rates starting from 0.5% of the loan

In our pilot you can factor low value invoices against very attractive low interest rates.

Fast service

We aim to fund your SME within 24 hours after you have uploaded your invoice to our system!

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A new pilot for SMEs

A new pilot for SMEs

We see a future where every SME has completely frictionless access to external finance to allow them to grow. Our integration with your bookkeeping firm enables you to easily factor invoices. The pilot we currently offer is only the first step towards completely automated cash-flow management.

About us

We're creative

We are redefining factoring and redesigning it from scratch

We're an award winning company

We won several awards already and are planning to help SME’s in whole EU

We're tech

We are a tech company using the most sophisticated tools to achieve our goals


Do you have any questions or do you want to learn more about lending engine? Please reach out to us! We’re an award winning company which aims to help SME’s in the whole EU.
John M. Keynesplein 12-46, 1066 EP Amsterdam, The Netherlands